Did you know that OAKS has notifications that allow you and your students to stay on top of what’s happening in your classes? Using the Notifications area on your OAKS Homepage you can set how and when you want to be alerted of new discussions, dropbox deadlines and new news items. You can be notified by email or text message so you’ll never miss anything important.

What Comes In Notifications?

Discussions – If there is a particular discussion forum or topic in which you want to follow just click the SUBSCRIBE TO TOPIC/FORUM link within the topic/forum and choose the frequency. You will be notified, only by email when new messages are posted to a forum or topic for which your subscribed.

Dropbox – Enabling the Dropbox will text or email you two days before an assignment is due.

News – Enabling the News item  will text or email you when a news items is added or updated.

In the new, upcoming OAKS version 10 (coming December 18th) students can also receive notifications of quiz/test dates and when grades are updated or released.

How Do I Enable Notifications?

In our current version (9.4.1) it is done via the NOTIFICATIONS link on the OAKS Homepage (My Home).

  • Once in, verify your email and set up your cell number if you’d like to receive texts.
  • Choose how often you would like to be notified.
  • Choose which notifications you’d like and by what method (email or text).
  • Click Save when finished.

In version 10 it will work the exact same way but will be accessible via the Notifications link under your personal menu on the minibar.

Be sure to let your students know that this is available.  It will really help them stay abreast of all the new happenings in your class.