Update: Please note that Echo 360 is no longer available to CofC faculty as a campus license.


Thanks to everyone who came by the TLT Faculty Social on Thursday. It was great to see everyone. During the social I did a short demonstration of Echo360 Personal Capture. Echo 360 is desktop/lecture capture software and it comes in two flavors. The first type is a full room installation with tracking cameras and a large storage device. It can be scheduled so the application will automatically record and publish classes. This version is quite expensive and is available in only two rooms on campus, NewSci 129 and Tate 207. The second flavor, and the one that will benefit the campus most, is Echo360 Personal Capture. This is an application that downloads to any Mac or Windows computer (no iPad app yet) and allows you to record your desktop and your webcam to create online lectures or demonstrations. Its easy to use interface makes it the perfect product for recording lectures for your distance ed summer classes or reverse classroom or recording demonstrations all from the comfort of your office or home. The software will capture anything that occurs on your computer as well as your voiceover and video from the webcam if you choose.  Once you do the recording you can even do some minor editing then quickly publish with the click of a button.

screenshot of the editing and publishing screen

This video is then easily shareable to your students or colleagues via a web address.  The final video is available for playback on multiple devices as well.

Echo 360 Personal Capture is available free to all CofC Faculty and Staff.  To get an account and the free software just complete the Request Echo 360 Personal Capture Software form located at the bottom of the Employee tab in My Charleston.  Within 3 business days you will have an account and can download the software.

Tutorials are available on our TLT Tutorials blog at http://goo.gl/jB3eI