Designed from a “learning-centric” perspective, the renovated Computer Science Classroom in JC Long 221 pushes forward the integration of technology and learning on the CofC Campus.

Google Room -- JC Long 221

With funding from Google and the College, Computer Science envisioned and executed a high-tech modular space that seamlessly integrates lecture and working lab. The learning space is geared towards flexibility, interaction, and instructor-to-student dialog.  Along with electronic displays on all four walls and original interior design treatment, 25 student lab computers encircle a mobile cadre of writeable work surfaces with comfortable seating.

Computer Science is in the early stages of gathering feedback from Faculty and Students to gauge the effectiveness of this updated space; the intention is to use this room as a functional model for future classrooms for the Department.  Computer Science intends to share their findings with the College and welcomes campus visitors.

If you would like more information about JC Long 221 or an informal tour of the space, please contact TLT.