On May 10th OAKS will be upgraded to version 9.4.1 (Desire2Learn).  There are some exciting features that will be available once the upgrade is completed:

  • Preview Audio Recordings:  Now users can not only record audio within OAKS but can now preview the recording before submitting it.  They can play the entire clip or only a portion.
  • Improved Math Support:  MathJax has now been implemented along with improved LaTeX support.
  • New and Improved Calendar Interface – You can set due dates and schedule your course from one central location using a slick new interface.  You can also consolidate all calendars into one to get an overview of all your important dates.  You can also add content into the calendar and view it in an Agenda view.
    screenshot of the new calendar look
  • Task Management – tasks have been added to the calendar.  Now you can manage all your to dos.
  • Seating Chart – you can create a customized layout of your classroom and build a seating chart within your OAKS class and view your Classlist in the form of a room layout.  Attendance Tracking is built into this feature.
  • Instant Notifications – you can now get notifications from the News and Dropbox tools.  These notifications can come to you via email or text message.  News can also be subscribe to via an RSS feed.
  • Course Notifications – if instant notifications aren’t your think you can subscribe to a daily digest.  This digest includes news activity details, dropbox folders with approaching due dates, and all the information that users typically see in their course’s Updates widget. For students, this includes the number of unread discussion messages, the number of new emails, the number of quizzes not attempted, and the number of dropbox submissions with unread feedback. For instructors, these updates include the number of unread discussion messages, the number of new emails, the number of ungraded quiz attempts, the number of new dropbox submissions, and the number of new enrollments.
  • Redesigned Dropbox Feedback Interface – To make better use of browser window real estate, the new layout arranges components horizontally and removes the navigation. It shows evaluators submissions on the left and space to evaluate the submissions on the right in a format that allows evaluators to grade a list of students with submissions defined by criteria set on the folders submissions page.  You can also view the submitted files directly in the browser.  If the files are submitted as .html or .txt you can even annotate directly within OAKS.

There are a few other changes but these are the most major.  Training modules for these improvements will be available in the OAKS Training Course under your Student tab within OAKS.

It’s important to remember that OAKS will be down for a short time while the upgrade is installed so watch the OAKS News item and your email more information regarding this downtime.