Hopefully you were able to join us at the first TLT Roundtable, Exploring the Reverse Classroom or you have had the chance to view the video from that session and now you would like more ideas on reversing or flipping your class.  Well here is another opportunity!  Check out TED-Ed to “flip this lesson.”  According to the TED-Ed site “flipping a video allows you to turn a video into a customized lesson that can be assigned to students or shared more widely.  You can add context, questions, and follow-up suggestions to any video on TED-Ed or. YouTube.”    The site also provides more information about “flip teaching” and describes this as “a method of instruction where classroom-based teaching time and traditional homework time are reversed (flipped).  A teacher provides video lessons to be reviewed outside of class, which in turn gives teachers more time in class to focus on higher-order learning skills.” If you do incorporate into your instruction, please share the results with TLT.