For the upcoming 2012-2013 Academic Year, here is a sneak peek at our new theme:

Teaching the #TechGeneration

We have given this topic a lot of thoughtful consideration; it is certainly relevant, timely, and it speaks to the core mission of TLT:

Supporting the faculty in the integration of educational technology into pedagogy, assessment, and academic research to enhance student learning and promote effective and innovative instructional practices.

Our focus will not only be to provide the “techy” side of current software, apps, etc., but to further the discussion and pedagogy revolving around what it means to teach, connect, and engage with our current CofC students.  In other words, we will provide training on the latest tools for education, but also promote a pedagogically-sound means for reaching and teaching today’s students.

Along with ongoing trainings and discussions for the duration of the academic year, we will also host two very special Faculty Training Institutes (FTI) that are centered around our #TechGeneration theme.  We are finalizing the application process for these week-long sessions, so please mark your 2012 calendars for May 21st – 25th and June 4th – 8th.

As always, if you have any questions or would like more information before the official launch, don’t hesitate to contact your department’s Instructional Technologist or send an email to