If you are building a new class or updating and changing an old one consider using the OAKS Course Builder. The Course Builder allows you to create and manage your course structure, upload files, and create and manage your assessments all from one area. You can use the Build Structure tools to plan the course by using place holders to mark items you want to have but haven’t created yet. The Create Object tools allows you to create links, quizzes, discussions, grade book items and dropbox assessments all from one place and then easily add them to your content area. Lastly, the Browse Objects tools allows you to add existing tools and files or upload files, images, etc. to your course.

To access the Course Builder click on Edit Course >> Course Builder. Once in you can drag placeholders, tools or files from the left hand Toolbox column into the center Course Builder Canvas area. Rearrange the items on the canvas by dragging and dropping them to a new location. You can then edit each item by selecting it and editing the tool on the right hand side.

Once you’ve finished you will see that the canvas mirrors the Content area as well as any assessments you built.

If you’re not up for completely rebuilding your class the Course Builder is a fast and easy way to restructure an existing class. It easily allows you to drag and drop to rearrange and re-categorize items.

I’ve become a fan of this method of course creation. I hope you find it helpful for you as well.