As part of the mission of TLT, we are always on the lookout for emerging educational technologies and theories to enrich teaching, learning, and research in innovative ways.

While we would like to take credit for many of the innovative instructional techniques we laud, the truth is we often refer to professional journals for instructional technology in higher education.  Here is a quick overview for three online resources we find most relevant:

The Chronicle of Higher Education – Technology

Along with their comprehensive coverage of all aspects of higher education, the Technology section is especially relevant.  From articles and opinions like The ‘Undue Weight’ of Truth on Wikipedia, Lecture Fail?, and A ‘Moneyball’ Approach to College, The Chronicle is not afraid to take on tough topics.  The ProfHacker blog is also a worthwhile read, providing a personal perspective from an “embedded” professional.


The purpose of EDUCAUSE is “to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology”.  While it is targeted more to professional Instructional Technologists (like us), it provides many scholarly articles related to current research in technology and education.  For example, the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) provides a wealth of current research on online learning, engagement, and collaboration.  EDUCAUSE also warehouses over a thousand publications, podcasts, and blog articles related to the art of Teaching and Learning with technology.

THE Journal – Technology Horizons in Education

Although THE Journal is geared towards current news for educators and administrators in the K-12 environment, the majority of the articles are still applicable to higher education.  Just to point out a few samples:

The purpose of TLT is to inspire and empower the CofC faculty with relevant technology tools and techniques for instruction, education, and research.  And to that end, we hope you will utilize some of these relevant resources to inform and educate yourself for teaching in the digital age.

And when you come across an article, blog, or podcast of particular interest, please contact your Instructional Technologist to start a dialogue.