Organize all your information and access it anywhere anytime with Evernote.  How might you use Evernote?

In the classroom: take photos of your whiteboard and share with students. Hear what students have to say about Evernote.

For research: capture notes, record audio notes, create to do lists, save and organize internet resources.

Attending a conference:  Put all receipts, itinerary, flight and hotel information in one place.  Go paperless and store conference handouts  in Evernote. Do away with business cards by  creating a “Contacts” notebook  containing pictures of people you meet along with their contact information.  All notes and notebooks are searchable.

Use on Windows or Mac, iPad , Blackberry, iPhone or Android phone.  Your one account will automatically synch to all your devices.

If you would like to learn more,  TLT will be conducting Evernote sessions during the semester.  Remember never post or share protected information. Please see the College’s privacy policy for clarification. Visit our  training calendar to sign up.