Conflicting Google Accounts ImageA number of folks at the College have been using Google products (Google Docs, Calendar, YouTube, Blogger, etc) for a number of years.  As many of you know, the College recently adopted the Google Apps for Education suite which gives faculty, students, and staff access to a plethora of Google tools.  If before the Google Apps adoption you created a Google account using your address, Google now sees you as having conflicting accounts as the account created through the Google Apps for Education suite also uses your address.  Not to worry, as your data has not been lost.

The first time you login, Google should recognize that you have two accounts and will notify you that an update to your account is required.    The message will state;

“You are currently signed in to the personal Google Account for”Personal” means this account and its data are owned by you.”

“You may not realize it, but you also have an organizational Google Apps account managed by with the same address. Two completely different accounts are using the address.

To view a video on how conflicting accounts occur click here.

Google will walk you through a wizard in an attempt to move your data from your personal Google account to your organization Google Apps account. You will want to select the Get started>> button to proceed.  If the moving of data was unsuccessful you can always manually move it.  To move data manually, see the getting started guide at the end of this post. After Google attempts to move your data you will be prompted to create a new personal account with a different email address.  Any data you didn’t move in the previous step can be found in this personal account.  Because Google is highly collaborative in nature it may be a good idea to share your preferred address with your contacts so Google invitations are received at the correct account.

For complete information visit the Conflicting Account and Data Migration Getting Started Guide.