If you have a quicklink in OAKS that takes you to a Youtube video – it will no longer play properly due to an upgrade. This issue will be fixed with the next upgrade scheduled for October. However, you can embed a Youtube video into OAKS by following the instructions below:

Getting the Embed Code from YouTube
1. Using a web browser navigate to http://youtube.com and locate the video you wish to use.
2. Click on the Embed button.
3. The embed code will display, highlight and copy the code.
4. This is the code you will use for your New File.

Creating the New File in OAKS
1. Click Content on the navbar to access the Manage Content page.
2. From the Content Areas menu, click New Topic.
3. Choose the Create New File.
4. Choose a Parent Module and give your video a Title.
5. In the html editor click on the Edit HTML icon in the lower left corner of the editor.
6. Click in between the <body> and </body> tags then paste the YouTube embed code.
7. Click Update to save and close the window.
8. Click Save to finish.