If you are regular reader of this Blog, there is no doubt you already know about the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Department (TLT) at the College of Charleston.  Our mission is short and sweet:

The Teaching, Learning and Technology Department aims to help faculty integrate technology into pedagogy, assessment, and research.

In other words, we (aka Instructional Technologists) work with the CofC faculty to enhance their teaching, academic research, and course management with technology.  This translates into classroom technology (like Smartboards), academic projects (like digitizing documentation), and classroom management tools (like using OAKS).

TLT is best known for the Faculty Technology Institutes (FTI) and Faculty Technology Center (FTC), but we also provide a few services that you may not be aware of:

  1. Individualized Consulting — Our core mission is to support the CofC faculty, but that doesn’t mean we are only here to “fix-it when it breaks”.  Our real strength is individualized technology consulting: from pet projects to brainstorming sessions, we are the prime resource for applying technology to research, instruction,  and learning.
  2. Technology Research — Part of the directive for each Instructional Technologist is to stay current on emerging technologies.  While not always an easy task, we benefit from the collaborative nature of our department.  We often share, demonstrate, and discuss new technology and the potential benefits to CofC faculty, students, and administrators.
  3. Capital ProjectsTLT is fortunate to have a number of “big picture” projects in the works.  We consult with various departments to help facilitate large scale projects, provide needs assessments, and ensure that best practices are in place.

Above all, the real message is that the Instructional Technologists of TLT are here to assist, guide, consult, champion, inspire, mentor, teach, and support the CofC faculty.  This comes in many shapes and forms, more than software training and a technology lab.  We are a core group of individuals who help CofC faculty harness the power of educational technology, and we are always ready to help.


Note: It is easy to contact the Instructional Technologist for your department.