One of the great features of OAKS is that when you create a new assignment or quiz or any date release you can automatically add it to the schedule.   But when you migrate the course from one semester to the next all the dates will be incorrect.  Now you can easily change those dates all at once!

  1. Inside an OAKS class click on Edit Course in the upper right.
  2. Now click on Manage Dates under the Tools area
  3. Everything in your course with a date attached will display in this area.
  4. You can change the dates manually for individual items by clicking on the box next to the item then clicking on Edit Dates
  5. You can change the dates for everything by clicking the box at the top of the list (this will select all the items) then clicking Offset Dates.  Using this tool you can push all the dates forward or backward by a certain number of dates.
    • Note: this isn’t perfect so you may need to adjust a few of the items individually afterward to avoid items being due on the weekend.
  6. When you change the dates it will change it in the tool and in the schedule.

One shortcoming – you may note that the items that were manually entered into the Schedule tool are not listed here.  The Manage Dates tool only works to change the dates for the Content, Discussions, Dropbox, Grades and Quizzes tools.  You will have to manually add or alter the dates in the Schedule that you added on your own.