There are dynamic events that occur in everyone’s lives that alters the way we think and act. Your first kiss, driving a car, seeing Star Wars: A New Hope and loving it, seeing Star Wars: Phantom Menace and hating it, proving that you can live off of Raman for months at a time. We all have those moments that make us take a left turn on our life paths down a long dirt road that might be a little bumpy at first, but over time make us love the trip. You may not even be aware that the next dynamic event in your life has occurred, but that’s why I’m writing this blog post.

When you were younger you might have been told to get your head out of the clouds, but the cloud is exactly where  we’re all going and it’s going to be great! Cloud computing is the next stage in the technology evolution and no one has tried to make that fish grow legs like Google. This week Google made some big releases that will bring in the next era of how we use computers. First, they announced the Chrome Notebook Pilot Program that allows anyone to sign up to receive a free Chrome Notebook to test out. This notebook isn’t like any that you’re used to.  This daisy runs on the Chrome OS that lacks the desktop programs and harddrive  that you’re probably using right now. Instead, this computer connects straight to the Internet so you can use websites and web apps. Think you’ll miss your programs that you use on your computer? Well take their quiz to see if you could do without.  Most common computer users can get by with web apps and fore go the hassle of installing programs, updates and crashes. Web apps are always updating without any work from the end user!

Where do these wonderful web apps come from? Good question! Google also released the Chrome Web Store, where you can find a small hut of  web apps that will continue to grow into a compound of app mansions.  The store offers some fun…and productive apps, extensions and themes that will make your Chrome experience grow by such leaps and bounce that Superman will say, “Wow!” If you already use Chrome as your browsers, check out the store. If you’re not using Chrome as your browser, get it! It’s faster, more secure and less of a headache than other browsers.

Google is always cooking up some new and wonderful toys that can be used in all walks of life. This is no exception. If you want to start working in the cloud, check out Chrome. If you’ve been in the cloud and you want to go from stratus to nimbus, head over to the Web Store to see how you can expand your browsing world.