I found a website today called paper.li that takes Twitter feeds and formats them to look like a newspaper. Twitter users are probably saying “Why would I want my cool new media to look old school?” Well Twitter users probably wouldn’t but it takes the information from Twitter and puts it in a format that non-Twitter users can adapt to.  It is also an easy way to compile the info from Twitter to give to your students.

Here’s how it works.  Go to the website http://paper.li/ and click on the “Create your newspaper” icon.  Now you can choose whether you wish to create a newspaper from the posts links of those you follow, a specific hash tag or a specific list.  I did a test where I created one based on the hash tag #edtech.  It displayed a lot of great resources and stories in a very readable format.


One thing to note, it does not publish all the tweets in that hash tag, only the links that are published in tweets.  There are ads and at times I found them very distracting not so much that I wouldn’t use it.  It was so much easier to move through than the long line of tweets. Once you create a newspaper it saves it and automatically updates it every 15 hours.

Admittedly I haven’t tried this out for an extended period of time.  Actually I’ve only tried it once so I’m not able to tell you all the pros and cons.  But remember, it is Twitter and that means you can’t control what is posted, the validity of what is posted or where in the newspaper it falls.  This could cause problems if you were sharing this resource with your students.  I’m going to try it out as a way to read the links shared by those I follow and see how that pans out.  If you do try it out, let me know.


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