Since our theme for the FTI is Mobile Evolution: learning on the go and since I’m an iPad fan, I’ve been trying to research ways that the iPad can be beneficial for faculty. So as I was reading eCampus News I found a new line of products called Doceri. It allows you to control your computer, presentation or AV equipment wirelessly from your iPad! It claims that anything you can do on your computer can be done wirelessly via the tablet device. It also enables real-time annotation of any presentation or document that runs on your computer. So you can draw, circle or cross out anything on your iPad and your annotation will appear on the display in real time! They released a beta version in November and they’re expecting to have a final version in December.

I’d love to test out this software. I was on the Apple website looking at ways to connect the iPad to a projector. I was surprised to find that most of the reviews said that the projection only works with a few apps! So I’m interested to see the potential with this software… and how much it costs!
Check it out.