There are a host of online whiteboards available but I came across one the other day called Dabbleboard, which is very user friendly and more efficient than the others I have tried. Dabbleboard is a free online electronic whiteboard that allows you to collaborate with others in real time.

What sets apart Dabbleboard from the other online whiteboards is that it is smart enough to recognize basic shapes drawn by hand and transform them into predefined shapes such as rectangles, diamonds, circles, triangles, etc. Other online whiteboards tend to require the user to pick a new shape before actually drawing. You also have the ability to save and reuse previously created canvases so you won’t have to waste time duplicating work.

Some great features of Dabbleboard include but are not limited to;

    -Web-based – No need for downloads.
    -Ability to recognize hand drawn objects and transform into predefined shapes.
    -Upload PowerPoints, images, documents, etc.
    -Create personal library to save and reuse previously created canvases.
    -Use and contribute to a public collection library.
    -Unlimited number of collaborators can access the whiteboard in real time.
    IT’S FREE!

Dabbleboard is a great collaborative brainstorming tool and here are just a few examples to get you thinking about how to use this tool in your classes. For a Psychology class you could upload and image of the brain and have students label the different parts. Have business students create a business flow and/or data flow charts. Computer Science and MIS students could create entity-relationship(ER) diagrams for databases. You could upload your PowerPoint lectures and add/edit to highlight key topics/terms during your lecture and then save and send to your students.

To find out more information, view a video tutorial and to get started visit