Holy smokes it’s about time!   You can now share entire folders in Google Docs.  This is great news because so often faculty want to share large numbers of files with their students.  In the past you had to upload or create a file then share it with your class.  If you have 8 people in your class then no big deal.  However, if you have 60 people in your class this takes a really long time.  And this had to be repeated each time you uploaded/created a new file!  Now all you have to do is create a folder and share it and from then on everything you put in the folder will have the same rights you assigned the folder.  This is going to make life SO much easier!

Also new, and in the same vein as folder sharing, is the ability to upload multiple files at one time.  This will also facilitate the sharing of large numbers of files (docs, excel, powerpoint, images and pdf)

Happy sharing!