Have you ever wished that you could have a threaded conversation within your blog instead of using WebCT? Well now you can. Thanks to John and Jared (CofC Webmasters) and the new blog server upgrade you can have threaded comments. It’s easy to do.

  • from within the admin area of  your blog click on Settings
  • now click on Discussion
  • in the main window click Enable threaded (nested) comments next to Other comment settings
  • from the small dropdown window choose the number of threaded levels you wish to allow
  • click Save Changes

picture-6The second thing of note is that only a few blog templates allow the discussions to display as threaded even though you’ve turned threaded on in your settings.  To have the threading display properly you will need to use Twodder, Gear, Simplish or P2. Remember, these are the only themes that will actually display the threaded comments.

Now with your threaded comments you can actually track “conversation” in your blog posting making it much more useful for your class.