Teaching & Learning Team

Your Teaching and Learning Team (TLT) is here to help you! Your instructional technologist is highly trained in the latest pedagogical methods and how those relate to technology.

Instructional technology “is the study and ethical application of theory, research, and best practices to advance knowledge as well as mediate and improve learning and performance through the strategic design, management and implementation of learning and instructional processes and resources.” (aect)

While your instructional technologist is knowledgeable about technology, their skills and training are really focused on pedagogical skills and how those relate to technology. We can help assist with topics such as:

  • curriculum design
  • instructional design
  • classroom management
  • online education
  • learning management system mastery
  • instructional tech tools
  • and more…
November's Theme is Grading and Reflection. Click to learn more.
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November’s Impactful Teaching Podcast:
Ep. 5  Alternative Grading Strategies with Ashley Pagnotta, Jenn Wilhelm and Kate Owens


assessment & feedback November’s Theme and Professional Development:
Grading and Reflection


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